It Rhymes With “Some Smelly Cave”

Preface: I understand the concept of “Blog Free Zone” and I think the place I visited today falls into that category.  Its been a well kept secret and I don’t want to be the one who spills the beans of its location on the interwebs so I am going to write this TR in an ambiguous way so that this info can not be easily searched for using search engines.  I have GPS tracks and exact coordinates of this location however they will not be posted publicly, only shared privately.

I heard about this place 7 years ago and made a quick trip up in 2005 based on a very vague description of its location and I was unable to find it. In 2007 Jeremy and I went for the Mother of all bushwhacks and were unable to find it, however on that trip we were able to find (by stumbling upon) the even more secret german spy cave. Some people confuse the Spy Cave and this manmade cave, but they are two seperate places. In 2008 I went back again with 3 other guys  from another backcountry forum and we totally combed an area where I thought it might be but were unsuccessful again.  After talking with someone last spring I realized I was in the wrong area by about a 1/4 mile before.   Since then I have been looking for an opportunity to go back and search. Today was my target date to start hiking again for the first time since I injured my Achilles Tendon in early august.  So instead of going up north to do some work on my Grid I went for a bushwhack and after about an hour of searching Voila! I came out of the brush into a clearing and saw this:

And when I saw this I knew my search was over.

I made a video of my first entrance:

Log Book

Door open:

I hung out for a bit before finding my way back up to the ridge, and heading toward the summit.  The summit was still crowded when I got there for the 67th time. My leg felt great for the whole hike, now lets see how it feels tommorow.

3 thoughts on “It Rhymes With “Some Smelly Cave”

  1. Hi, I’ve been visiting Troy and Monadnock for 30 years. Each Fathers day my family and I hike it. I am very interested in any hints you can give me for finding the spy cave. I usually climb from the white arrow side. I’ve heard the cave is off the ryhmes with some smelly pail side. Won’t get chance to get up there for a while but would love to see the place. Thanks.
    Bill K.

    • I like the white arrow side better too. But yes what I found is on the some smelly side of the mountain, accessed from the fastmade crook area.

      • Thanks so much for your reply. So would I be correct in deducing that somewhere between the some smelly pail and fastmade crook thoroughfares is a good place to
        check out? Any thoughts on how close to the junction of the two or to which highway its closest. I just may have to make some time this summer to check it out. Thanks again.

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