Back to the Cave

Jeremy and I hiked up Mt Mo. today but we didnt go to the summit, so I wasnt able to record #68.   We had another objective in mind.  It was snowing on the way up and all of the water-ice on the trail was hidden underneath the snow.   Making it pretty sketchy going up the steep Spellman sections.  We found the traverse with a little help from my tracks that were still on my GPS from last time and then we made it to our destination.
Going up:

At our destination we promptly lit a fire,  The fire place and chimney worked well:

After hanging out for a while and enjoying the shelter and fire we headed up the herd path to the ridge, not quite knowing what we were in for, I hadnt been this way last time I was there.  When we came out of the trees this is what we saw:

The climb up the cliff was pretty sporty in spots.  When we got to the top I celebrated with My Favorite Trick.

Once at the top we decided to go back down the Spellman cause it was the shortest way down.  I pulled my microspikes out of my pack for the descent. Jeremy didn’t bring any traction so we each used one on our Right Foot.  It took alot of focus but we both made it down with out incident.  The Ancient Chineese Proverb proved true: “One Microspike better than No Microspike.”
When we got back to where the Boy Scout spring is we celebrated with some Scotch.  It had been a fun adventure made more exciting by our minimal traction.

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