North Carolina Mountain Biking 12/29/12

I just got home to see my first real snow in a long time.  We had been down visiting Jake and Jenny in North Carolina where there isnt any snow.  One of the highlights of the trip was on Saturday  when Jake and I got to go Mountain Biking.  We road the single track at Governors Creek and it was really nice.  The hard pan clay that prevails in this area made the trails so much smoother than anything we have here in the Northeast. Even the rocky-rooty sections were not that bad.  I borrowed a 29er (thanks to the 29erOnline Folks) that was set up with clipless pedals, but I didnt have any clipless shoes, so I just rode clipless pedals with my addidas trainers because they were the only sneakers I had.  I could have let it run a little faster on the down hills if I had better purchase, but for the most part I did ok regardless of the pedal situation. All my pics and vid were taken with my cell phone so the quality is not great but its all I had with me
Our Tracks:

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