First Descent- My New Trail “Headwall” 1/5/13

It was a beautiful and sunny day on the local hill today. My favorite day I have ever had here was actually on the same date 1/5/08 I actually had this new line already to ski last December, but then we never had enough snow last year to take a run down it.  I was pretty happy to see today that nobody had found it yet, so I was able to make the first descent.  In all I hiked the mountain twice today and took two runs. One on the north side and one on the south side.
My new trail has southern exposure so the snow was starting to turn to mashed potatoes when I hit it, but I was really happy with how it road:

Looking Down


For my second run I went off the North Side and the snow was still powdery over there.  Most of the well known stuff was pretty tracked out, but I was able to find a recently added variation of the CN trail that was still untracked and scored about 200 feet of freshies.  Ive been keeping track of how much vert I get on my skis and board this winter with my GPS.  I’ve got out on the snow 4 times so far but have only logged 9491′ so far.

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