Ragged 1/16/13

Matt picked up some tickets for us for pretty cheap money on Liftopia. We scored a powder day for $30 with a $10 lunch voucher included.  We had lunch upstairs in the pub and the food was suprisingly good.  I went with Matt, Jarrod and Casey. Conditions were really good.  There was about 4 inches of fresh when we got there and it snowed all day long. I ran my GPS tracker and logged 16,200 feet of vert today. We took quite a few Bomber Runs where we just pretty much raced down.  My GPS showed a few runs in the 40MPH range.  A Point of View video top to bottom on The Flying Yankee Trail But most of the day we were playing a lot of follow the leader off jumps and through the trees.  One scary part of the day was when I followed Matt off a jump on the side of the trail.

In mid air I realized that the angle was all wrong, and looked down to see matt about 50 feet below me ping ponging off the ice balls into the woods.  I had a little more speed than Matt and landed a little further down the death cookie mine field, and found myself ping ponging off the ice chunks on the same path. I took one to the back pretty hard.  We came to a rest in the same place after a slight collision and I had the wind totally knocked out of me for about a minute. Feeling pretty lucky to not be hurt I shot a little video after the crash.

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