Checking the SoNH Ice

I’m getting antsy about doing some local ice climbing, the past 2 seasons have been too warm to make any good ice close to home. So, I hiked into Pulpit Rock on Wednesday afternoon to see if the arctic air had made any ice yet.  The water fall looked like this:

Thursday I spent the day at my grandmothers funeral arangements, but was able to walk back out on friday morning to check Pulpit again.  The ice was almost climbable, a little more thickness and I’ll be able to swing away with out getting wet from the water running through the inside of the column.

The column has about 15 feet of vertical ice and about another 10 feet of ice before you top out.  When I was less safety conscience I actually free climbed it to the top once.  But nowadays I just like to stay low when I’m alone and just practice going up and down for a couple of moves.  Some of the other spots I practice on at Pulpit were starting to come in as well

Later Friday I met up with Tim and we took a walk out on Stonehouse Pond to check the ice out there.
The big Cliff was almost in:

We took a walk up to the top and then down the back side of the cliff where we found an ice wall that looked really fun.  And it was obvious that somebody had already been climbing on it.

It was nice to be able to walk across the frozen pond to get to the crag instead of taking the trail around the perimeter.
Tim and I are hoping to go back to Stonehouse and swing some axes on Tuesday afternoon.

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