Lake Nubanuset Overnighter

I met up with Jeremy and James after work Friday, and we headed to Lake Nubanuset.  We got there kind of late and wanted to land at our campsite before dark so I tied a rope to Jeremy’s canoe and we used his little electric trolling motor to speed up the ride.  The lake was very calm and the sunset was amazing as we motored out.

After setting up camp we lit a campfire, cooked some canned stew and drank some bourbon.  The moon has half full and the stars were super bright.  The lake was so calm you could even see the reflections of the stars on it.  It was a beautiful night to be out.

When we woke James cooked us some great breakfast on the campfire.  It was clear and nice out  at first but then the wind kicked up and the fog rolled in.

We fished for a bit and then headed home.

16 out of 30 Days In September

Climbing Uncanoonuc after work has become my default exercise routine/dog walk now.  In September I climbed it 16 out of the 30 days.  I’m now up to #469 in my quest for Uncanoonuc x 1000.
I overlaid my GPS tracks from all 16 of my hikes on the map.  As you can see I don’t have a set route or always use the hiking trails.  I like to wander about bushwacking and exploring the different sides of the mountain.