Earned Turns 2/17 and 2/19

I climbed the local hill 4 times this week bringing my grand total of Mt U summits to 499.  My next trip will be a major milestone in my quest to climb it 1000 times.  Monday I met Andrew at 8am and made 2 runs.  Temps were in the teens. There was a spotty  4 inches of blower on a breakable crust over 2 feet of unconsolidated powder. Conditions were tricky, we were both on Icelantic Nomad skis which are pretty wide so we were able to float and get a few good turns here and there but most of the bluebird day was spent making survival turns in the crust.  The first run was down the TP trail which takes you far away from your car.  The climb back up became frustrating very quickly when one of my climbing skins slipped off and got covered with the cold sugar snow and refused to stick again no matter how much I scraped them off on my ski edge. Finally after tensioning my tail clips so tight I thought the straps might break I got them to stay on for the climb.  The second run was down the G which  had a harder crust on it and was rutted and postholed up by snowshoers, It wasn’t the best run but it was low angle and it took us back to our cars.

Nomads Convention on the Summit:


10 fresh inches of fluff fell on tuesday and it was snowing again Wednesday.  The crust was dead and buried! I left work a little early and drove home in a squall that dropped another 3 inches. I grabbed my AT skis (with freshly re-glued skins) and my split board this time.  In the parking lot I met Jonathan who was snow shoeing up with his board.  We chatted a bit and then met again at the summit, and then descended different trails.

Skinning up in the squall:

The G was virgin pow for my run alone on skis:
After my first run and back at the lot I converted to my Splitboard and ascended with Jon for another run.  This time we rode together for the descent. On both days in the same spot there was a heard of 5 Deer. Jon was super close to one of the Deer at one point while riding

Jonathan Dropping in on SOG: Jon had a Gopro and shot some vid and edited it.  It shows how awesome conditions were. Enjoy. The Deer run across at 3:10

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