Uncanoonuc #500

A couple of weeks ago I summited Uncanoonuc for the 499th time in my personal quest for 1000.  I wanted to do something special for #500 so I decided to forego climbing Uncanoonuc until I had a mild day. Today it was sunny and in the 40’s and I had not yet taken my 6 month old son on a proper hike yet.  I loaded him into the Kelty Carrier and headed up the Mountain for #500.  Every time I looked back at him on the way up he had this look on his face like “Daddy, what are we doing?” And at no time did he fuss, in fact he was comfortable and warm enough that he fell asleep on the way down.  I had to balance speed with not jostling him around too much and it took me 42 minutes round trip which was apparently fast enough to pass several people on the way up and down. This was the kind of experience that was as amazing as I imagined it might be and I look forward to many more hikes with my son.
Loading my pack:

Happy Hiker

Going up the Red Dot Trail

At the Summit

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