Climbing With Lee 9/16/14

Monday my younger sister Lee came for a visit and we went climbing over at Rattlesnake.  Lee led the Dinosaur Route up to the crux and then descended.

I didn’t really want to top rope up to that point, and then lead the rest of the route, so I pulled the rope down and lead climbed up using the protection she left behind.

I climbed past her protection and finished leading the rest of the route. I tied off to the eye bolts at the top and set up a top rope going through both anchors.  This set up isn’t optimal because it has a lot of friction, but it saves hiking up later to retrieve gear. After going back on belay I cleaned the route on the way down.  Lee made another ascent this time on top rope all the way to the top.
Lee wanted to work on learning how to lead a little more, and a better place to do that was Paul’s wall.  So we packed up and headed to Brookline.
Paul’s Wall

Lee was able to practice leading, this time with a much better teacher.  Lee lead to the top of the wall.  Paul showed her some techniques as well as how to place other anchors using slings.
Then I climbed up to the top of the wall in just my sneakers, and belayed her up. I showed Lee how to repel, and kept her on belay as she repelled down. Then I repelled down.

After training time it was fun time and we went back to sport climbing some of the established routes on the wall.  We both found that the 5.8’s on Pauls wall are much harder than what you find at a climbing gym.  I’m guessing Paul’s 5.8 equals Vertical Dream’s 5.10.
We both learned a ton climbing with Paul there and it was a fun time at both the real crag and the fake one.

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