2/22/15 Sunny Sunday on Powder

The parade of storms and arctic weather has made for amazing conditions, however it starts to become a little bit of a grind getting out and making your turns in subzero high wind days.  Yesterday we woke up here to 4 new inches of fluffy pow on top of our 4 feet of soft snow we had already received, but yesterday for the first time in a while the temps climbed to above the freezing mark.  I went out around 1pm and the sun was out the skies were blue and the skiing was great.  Even though I was once again skiing alone I found myself hooting and giggling like a crazy person at how good it was.  It might have just been that I was drunk on natural vitamin D from the first real sun I ‘ve gotten in a while. I took a few runs through a steep section of the mountain that in past years was unskiable due to rocks and boulders.  I rode skis today because I wanted to hit some trails that had flat run outs that would be a no go on the snowboard.  Skis ended up being a good decision and it ended up being one the best times I’ve ever had on skis.

I was surprised how much fresh was still available for how late in the day I got out.

Gtah. The best snow on earth. 2/15 -2/16/15

The recent blizzard gave us another foot of snow, and then turned on the wind machine. I went out for a lap yesterday and one this morning.  Yesterday there was a group of kids up there that were fun to meet and swap flask tastings, but today I was all alone. Wow it was cold out there.  We have enough snow now that pretty much everything is in play.  You really don’t even need to follow the cleared glades because most brush is buried now.  You really do have to stick to the steep stuff though or else you get too bogged down in the powder.

First Track up the trail.