Ladder Trail Dorr Mountain 5/9/2015

We spent the past week on Mt Desert Island.  Saturday I hiked Dorr Mountain via the Ladder Trail and Schiff Path.  The trail ascends pretty steeply to the 1200 foot summit on mostly granite steps and a few ladders.

My favorite part of the trail was the little slot canyon you had to go through (A little video)

The sea breeze made the air chilly and foggy.  Even though it was in the 70s and sunny in land it was 48 and foggy in Acadia.   As I got to the top of The Ladder Trail I entered the clouds and caught my last view while ascending looking down toward my car in the valley.

On the Schiff Path there was unique cairns and large slabs to walk on that were pretty slick.

Near the summit the Schiff Path meets the Dorr Ridge Trail and you follow it for .2 miles to the summit.  The summit was cloudy, cold and windy.

Its probably not recommended to descend the same way I came because of the steep slick rock but I decided to following the Ladder Trail back down.  I didn’t see anyone else for my entire hike.

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