2016 Goffstown Gallop Photos

2016 Goffstown Gallop
I was unable to run The Goffstown Gallop this year.  This is my favorite race of all the races I run primarily because it goes right by my house, and secondly it is the course I train on the most, so I kind of feel like its my home field.  I couldn’t run this year due to injuring my knee and tearing the meniscus while forgetting that I’m 40 now and jumping on my son’s trampoline.  The recovery has been slow and mornings are really painful.  Usually it takes until about 9AM before my knee loosens up to move freely.

I had my race application filled out and on the counter in case miraculously my knee got better overnight, but I had no such luck.  I’m normally completely fine just pushing through pain as long as I’m not doing more damage so I woke up Saturday and took a little jog to see if I should just go for it, but I could not get it to loosen up and I could not convince myself that I wasn’t going to set my recovery back another month if I ran the 5.2 miles.  I was especially concerned about the damage I might do on the long downhill part of the run coming back in to town.

So since I couldn’t run, I went out on the course and took pictures and cheered the runners on.

There are over 100 pictures of the race and runners  in the attached link to Flickr.  If there’s a picture of you that you like feel free to take an electronic copy Flickr allows you to download any size.  If there’s a picture of you in this public album that you don’t like and would like removed please let me know and I will take it down.


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