Demo Derby

Demo Derby, originally uploaded by surf88.

Emily and I went to Vermont today with Cali and Rob to watch the Demo Derby. The Derby was kind of slow because it was too muddy so we left early. We drove around Wimlington for a bit, and checked out my old KH. Which is out of buisness and up for sale. Then we went to Brattleboro and did some shopping and stopped at my favorite swimming hole. It was fun to be with Cali and Rob.

8/29/09 Mt Monroe, Eisenhower, Pierce, Jackson. Done! …Again.

I actually had my first century road ride planned for saturday, but with a major storm moving through the area, it wasnt a good day for biking, it might have been a good day for surfing but my right ear was still recovering from really bad swimmers ear I got after surfing all last weekend. However it was perfect weather to be in the presidentials.
We got to the Cog at 9:30 and did 9 miles and 4 4K peaks in 6 hours.  I went on this hike with Clifton, a friend I grew up with whose father had a huge infuence on my outdoorsey lifestyle.

This is what the gauges at the Lakes Hut read after it took all of our strength to get the door open to get in.

The hike started out wet but mild on the ammo ravine trail: Clif

Before we got to lake in the clouds we had to throw our rain coats on.  Every person we met on there way down tried to talk us out of goin any higher,  Ha ha.

Lakes Hut

We stopped at the hut, threw some more rain gear on and assesed what we were going into.  The hut caretaker was actually a cool older guy.  Normally hut crew are obnoxious, but this guy despite dealling with a bunch of people that were in over there heads, took the time to talk to us, but he never tried to talk us out of going any higher like he was everyone else.  When we told him we were going to Mt Jackson he started calling us the Jackson Boys.  We hiked up Monroe next

trying to stand on the summit in the wind:

I’m not sure if I have ever been up there when the wind was out of the east before, but it was strange to feel the winds comming from that direction.  Heres a little vid clip I shot on Monroe:
Next stop Eisenhower where it felt even windier:
The Summit of Ike:

After Ike the crawford path drops into the trees so the wind wasnt so bad, but it was hard to talk this spruce grouse into moving off the trail:

Next Stop Mt Pierce:

and then Mizpah:

When we started up Jackson it was starting to sleet!  My first frozen precip I’ve seen since Hillmans in May.

We made it down to Crawford Notch at 3:30. 

I had left my car at crawford depot, the highland center was packed with tons of “hikers” that werent doing much hiking.  In fact, between Lake in the Clouds and Mt Jackson we only saw two other people on the trail.

Single Track with Jon

I cant say publicly where this stuff is, but the more I search the more I find. I live in a Single Track paradise.  I need to take my gps with me or I get lost cause there are so many junctions and trails to explore.  Sometimes its just fun to just go and have no idea where your going to come out.  Thats what Jon and I did last friday.  We just rode and kept making random decisions at junctions, and came out on a road on the other side of town.  Jon is a super good mtn biker.
Sorry little mouse:

After doing volunteer construction all day friday we biked about 15 miles of single track in the evening, and then woke up saturday morning at 6:30am (below 50 degrees made for a chilly ride) and put 37.5 miles on the road bike before going back to do more volunteer construction work.  It was a busy weekend.

Pemi Wilderness Hike 7/24-25

After 27 ½ Miles and 5 peaks in the rain you get prune feet.  Nothing seemed to go according to plans this weekend, but it was still a ton of fun.  The forecast said that the rain was going to stop early morning Friday and clear out quickly by noon.  Our plan was to Ride our bikes down the Lincoln Woods Trail to the Wilderness Trail lock up the bikes, and hike to Bondcliff, Bond, and West Bond, completing my NH 48 4k summer list (I’ve been trying to separate my complete list into 2 rounds winter/summer the last 2 years).  Then we were going to follow Twinway after Guyot and drop into the Slide in Redrock Ravine, and camp by the pond out in the open or under a tarp if needed. This part of the trek was going to be a bushwack because there are no trails to this pond.  Saturday we would wake up and follow Redrock Brook down to Franconia Brook and trail, and hike out and be home by noon.  Right?  Wrong! Friday afternoon came and it was still pouring, visibility was low, and every rock was slick as ice.  When we got to the campsites at Guyot the shelter was empty, and the thought of a dry night was more temptation than we could resist.  It continued to pour all night long and was still raining when we left at 6am Saturday.  Mt Guyot was nice I had never been there before.  In the past I had accessed this ridge from both sides but never had traversed over this peak that’s not on “the list”.   When we got to the area on Twinway where we were supposed to begin our bushwack we searched the trail for ¼ mile in each direction hoping to find a herd path.  No luck.  The spuce was thick and we were just getting too soaked trying to buch wack the 350ft to the top of the rock slide.  At this point we were both thinking descending the slide might not be the safest anyways considering how slick everything was from all the rain this year, every rock had a layer of green slime on it.  It would be a tough rescue if something went wrong, and I don’t have $25K lying around.
Back to the drawing board.  The pemi loop?  We still had plenty of time to complete it Saturday.  But with wet feet, and our spare socks already spent, we knew our feet probably would have been destroyed after  Franconia Ridge. A more reasonable loop was the wilderness loop.  We followed Twinway to South twin.   Next stop Galehead Hut where they had just finished breakfast, and still had 2 pancakes, 3 strips of bacon, and a bowl of canned peaches left over.  Unexpected carbs tasted soooo gooood!

We then bagged the summit on Galehead before descending Twin Brook trail down to 13 Falls tent site.  This was a trail and area I had never been yet.  It’s really isolated out there.
It was neat to think about how busy this area was when they were clear cutting it.  In fact I learned that the name of the camp isn’t because there are actually 13 waterfalls, but it was logging camp #13 back in the day.  And talking to a woman I learned there is a small community of people who are really into bushwacking around the pemi wilderness and finding all of the old logging camp locations, and looking for old relics. That sounds like it would be fun, kind of like the cave search.
At 13 Falls we saw the sun for the first time.  We just chilled out there for a bit enjoyed the falls and waded around in the water.  We then started the long and flat journey down the Franconia Brook trail back to our bikes, when we crossed Redrock Brook. I noticed there was a herd path in the area going upstream, next time I’ll start here and try to hike up to the pond.   Continuing down the Franconia Brook trail we went through lots of beaver ponds which were super buggy, and muddy to walk through, but pretty.  This one pond had a ton of Cedar Waxwings flying around it.
At 3pm we were finally back at our bikes, and it was about 80 degrees near Franconia falls.  We took a quick swim, hopped on our bikes and went as fast as we could through all the people walking to Franconia Falls from Lincoln Woods.  It was nice to not have to walk this last section of trail.
Riding In

Leaving the Bikes

Wilderness Trail



West Bond (48) Complete Summer List Done!

Guyot Shelter

Mt Guyot

South Twin


13 Falls

Tom Field Willey 7/3/09

I hadent hike these peaks since 10/16/99.  So it was nice to revisit them.  Last time I hiked this south to north which was pretty brutal.  The kedron flume trail is pretty steep with many laddered sections, and you gain elevation fast. Its a burner.  This time we left from the Highland center, (which I dont think was even there the last time I hiked this) and went north to south. It was stil raining on and off when we left at 10am so I picked up a new pair of new  low gaiters before we left AMC. 
I went with Tim he needed these for his 4K list:

We followed the Avalon Trail to the A-Z to the Mt Tom Spur Trail.  This way was less steep but had way more river crossings which were all blown out from all the heavy rain we got Thursday.  Some of the crossings were sketchy. This one if you fell the water would sweep you off a cliff

We hit a pretty good down pour right before the summit of Mt Tom, which felt kind of good.  But it made every thing all the more slick.
Summit of Tom:

We played with the Grey Jays for a bit on the Top of Tom But they were more skiddish than usual.

We back tracked back down to A-Z and followed that to the Willey Range Trail. 
Next Stop Mt field

The Greay Jays were super friendly on Field

Video Clip:

There were some Nice Views after leaving Field,  This one was looking towards Carrigain

Next Stop Mt Willey

A cool view looking towards the Webster Gullies

The Descent was pretty steep and had stairs in places  we took the Kedron Flume Trail to the Willey House

Thw Kedron flume trail was by far the slickest,  we both took falls on mud that was slick as ice, weve both hiked so much that it is very rare that we fall but today the mud and algae got the best of us. Going down the steeper side prolly wasnt the best choice on such a slippery day.
The Kedron Flume was really pretty

We arrived at the Willey house at 3PM making the hike a leisurely 5 hour affair.
GPS Tracks:


Usually June and July are pretty flat around here.  The silver lining to all the storms weve had lately is that the surf has been pretty good for this time of year here on the New Hammy coast.  When I was out the other day with my sister I snapped a few shots and got alittle viddy.

Me Action:

Me Gabbing:

S. Mountain 6/17/09

I stumbled across this trail accidently a few years back while waundering around the woods on my bike.  Since, I have ascended it twice trying to figure out where it starts on the top of S. mountain.  The first time it got too dark, and I ended up bushwacking straight to the summit, and then the second time I made it all the way to the top of the hill and figured it out, but then took a fall that screwed me up good for a while last year.  This trail really wasnt built to be ascended, its more of down hill run, and it is murder to climb it on a bike.  So, this was the first time I had the pleasure of downhilling it.  And It was so much fun.
GPS Tracks:
S. Mtn

overall ride:

Eric (The guy I went to Utah with) Mntn Biking with Eric is fun because its the only thing I’m better than him at.  Hes super good at every sport, He kills me on the rode bike, but hes not good on single track

The trail dumps out at Tipping Rock.  I made a few TRs from skiing at Tipping Rock last winter, so I figured I would take a picture of its name sake:

The following links are little vid clips we shot on the hill.

These are the first non snow action vids I have tried to take with this digi camera.  I thought it was interesting how the resolution that my camera shoots when there is color present, is so much lower appearing than when I’m taking video on a pretty much monochromatic snowy mountain.     Next time I’ll bring the digivid handycam.
Stats: 3 1/2 miles and 700 vertical feet.

Biking and Bouldering

I went with Tim today to show him some of the bouldering and climbing over at Pawtuckaway State Park.   I did some ice climbing last winter with Tim, and included him in my Champney TR.  We both only had the afternoon free today. We only brought our bikes, shoes and chalk bags,  but ended up wishing that we had brought ropes, harnesses and racks, or at least a crash pad. I havent rock climbed much at all the past few years, and virtually have no finger strenghth left, but still had a bunch of fun doing some bouldering problems. 
Pawtuckaway is only about a 1/2 hour away from my house and has some of the best bouldering in the NE.  Besides the incredible quantity of glacial erratics, there are a few nice cliff areas as well.
I played around on this boulder for a bit:

and then watched this guy who was way more talented than either of us.

We went over to the cliff area and scrambled around over there as  much as we could with out a rope.  This is route called “obscene phone call”, lookers left, and just to the right is “no answer”.  These are some really fun routes I havnt done in a while

Looking Down:

It was cool in one of the bigger cracks that was a chimney about 2′ wide by 6′ deep.. Tim noticed a birds nest with an egg in it.

I also took this little clip of us biking, You cant see it in the shot. But as Tim crossed the pond, A huge black water snake swims right through the frame of his bike.  eeek!
(Sorry My poor little camera just could’nt focus fast enough to manage the bumpy downhill.  :'(
Today was fun.