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Bar Harbor and Acadia
« on: October 29, 2012, 12:07:02 PM »
Emily and I spent last week on Mt Desert Island in Maine.  We didnt do any big hikes but did a lot of little hikes to feature in Acadia, and beyond.  One place that we couldnt wait to visit on the way is Fort Knox.  It is a defunct civil war era military fort. Last time we stopped at this place we didnt have flashlights with us so we were unable to explore some of the deeper parts of the fort.  This time we brought head lamps and explored the creepy dark parts of the fort.  Pictures of the creepy areas dont really convey how dark and lonely some of the passages inside the fort are.
Inside the walls

Inside a wall

Emily with a Cannon

On a wall

The Next day we went to Acadia.  The First Place I went was Otter Cliffs.   Tim had told me thats where to go for Rock Climbing.  I had my gear but nobody to belay me so I didnt get to climb, but just do a little nearby bouldering.  Otter Cliffs was a cool place to check out to climb here you need to Rapel or be belayed down from the top.  Belaying from the top is best so you dont get salt water on your rope.
On a Cliff

Some Girls climbing belaying from the top:

Emily Peeking over the edge

My Trick


Otter Cliffs were my favorite area of the park but we checked out other areas too
Cadillac Mountain -Emilys Trick

Thunder Hole

Sandy Beach

In front of our cabin and near by pics:

We had a great time on our trip our cabin we stayed at was right on the water and the weather was perfect.  Going to Bar Harbor this time of year was pretty cheap too.   This was the first vacation I've taken in a long time that we stayed in our time zone so it was nice to not have jet lag either. 
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Re: Bar Harbor and Acadia
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2012, 06:14:14 PM »
I first thought you were holding the flag . I always look forward to reading your reports and seeing your pictures.