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Mt. Madison 6/20/2015
« on: June 22, 2015, 10:36:11 AM »
Mt. Madison 6/20/2015
Going for a hike in the whites on the third weekend in June seems to be one of my only set in stone traditions that I have been able to maintain since growing my family.  It helps that we always are staying at a family owned time share at Attitash this weekend.  This weekend has been really good to me the past several years providing amazing weather.  Saturday was a beautiful day to hike Mt Madison.  Jeremy and I took the Pine Link trail to Howker Ridge.  I needed the lower section of Pine Link for my Redline map, and Jeremy needed Madison for his 48 list. 
Pine Link doesn’t mess around, you gain some pretty serious elevation shortly after leaving the parking lot, and then follow the wooded spine of a ridge for a few more miles to tree line where we then began to follow Howker Ridge Trail.  Pine Link for the most part is a very dry trail with few and minimal streams. Howker Ridge above tree line has typical grades and terrain  for the Presidential Range with amazing views across Great Gulf.
On the trail:

Above Treeline

Me and Jerm at the Summit. Lots of Bugs. You can see a huge fly in this picture just above my head.

Found a few spots to do My Favorite Trick

We beat feet back down and followed the same path down so that we could get back to our families quick.  I had spotted a patch of Indian cucumber route on our way up, so we picked a couple on our way down for a little snack.  The hike ended up totaling a little over 7 ˝ miles on my tracker app and we did it in 5 hrs and 15 minutes.   
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