Grand Targhee, Teton Village, Pebble Creek

Went out for a long weekend to visit the Fam, and make some turns. Thursday we went to Pebble Creek in Inkom Idaho. Pretty much I am the only one of my siblings that hasn’t worked there over the years.  That = very cheap tickets.


my little Bro.

my little sis

Friday we drove to Jackson and rode Teton Village


my bro and I dropping into Rendezvous Bowl (after 4 lift rides )

Notice the Tram running in the background (for ski patrol only)uugghh!

Saturday we went to Grand Targhee.  This was my first time there.  It is now my new favorite mountain. These pics were on the Waterfall trail.  My favorite trail on the Mountain.

I contemplated jumping off Jamie Pierre’s cliff.

We found some powder stashes out of bounds at Targhee, but did not have any “powder days” this trip. My oldest sister came with us to Pebble, this was the first time all of us rode together in a long time.  Videos:

Crust Sliding

I posted this on T4T also. I figured some of you might get a kick out of it: I figured I needed to start adapting to the trend for winters in the Northeast. And learn to ride with very little snow. The Guido trail had a hard surface from last Tuesdays ice storm and a dusting on top from yesterdays squall. It was solid and slick enough that I wasn’t going to do any erosion causing damage. So I said, what the heck, thats what I have a rockboard for in the first place. Needless to say; Avalanche danger was low. I leave for Salt Lake wednesday.  The whole time I was making this film I kept thinking;  It would suck if I got hurt  riding this crap 3 days before I left to get the good stuff out west.

New Years Fun In The Whites

Matt and I  left early yesterday AM and hiked into Champney Falls for some ice climbing.

We set up the top rope and repelled in.

and thendid some climbing. Conditions were not great but we had fun

Then we drove north to Mt. Cabot. We met up withJon and hiked up in the dark.  Conditions were completley clear and calm on the way up, it was about 5 degrees with 8″ of fluffy powder, but it was the calm before the storm. Around midnight the winds and the freezing fog and rain moved in.  By morning everything was covered in ice.

We woke up around 6 and were down by 8 to make it to the Wagon Wheel on Rt. 2 for breakfast.  The drive home was white knucled, with many cars off the road. Year 7 in a row done.