Goffstown Mountain Biking

I’ve lived here in G-town for almost 2 years now, and I can’t get over just how much singletrack there is in this town.  Every time I go out I discover more trails.  And theres places that I know there are trails , that I have not gotten around to exploring.  A large majority of it is unpublished in guides or websites, for that reason I’m not going to post my GPS tracks like usual, because, obviously the elves in these woods have been hard at work, and I do not want to let the cat out of the bag on anything unpublished.  One of the neatest parts of the 10 mile ride was this trestle that was made of small trees.  The builders did a very good job, it was so sturdy that it was completly ridgid as you rode over it.  It must have taken alot of work.  We took a few runs over it, and I even fell off it once. Embarrassed  Heres some blurry pics.

on a smaller bridge

As you can see in the last picture there was survey tape everywhere in this forest.  I hope that the surveying work is’nt for a new development.  

Although most of Goffstown is rural,the part that abutts manchester is a little bit ghetto.  These trails are in the first large area of forest after you leave the urban and suburban part of manchester,  One of the entrances to these trails is only about a mile away from St Anslems college.

Waist High and Fair

The surf report said waist high and fair conditions and after doing yard work in 90 degree humidity all day, the beach was calling.  Surf conditions at The Wall in N. Hampton NH were small, and the wind was out of the southwest making the waves a little choppy.

I usually don’t have anyone to take pictures, especially when conditions are real good, because then everybodys in the water.  But today Emily snapped a few shots.

I went out last night after work to the same spot and conditions were alot better.  But todays trip was more fun because I had good company, and we went out for some really good seafood after.

Anybody notice yet? I am a regular foot when surfing, and a goofy foot when on a snowboard.



Hiking Mt. Moriah via Stony Brook Trail 8/18/07

Mt. Moriah 4049′
Miles Round Trip:10.73
Time: 4hrs 15 min

This is the first time I had taken this trail.  In the past I had traveled the Carter Moriah Trail across the whole ridge, but this time I was only going for one Summit.  The Stony Brook Trail has got to be one of the “easiest on the knees” trails to a 4K summit. There were very few sections of trail that were not, either smooth gravel, or smooth ledge.  You could probably Mtn Bike up the first 2.5 miles with out much hike-a-bike.  Theres not a lot of rocky boulder walking, due to the fact that the first half is very gradual, and the steeper second half of the Ascent has tons of water bars, so its not washed out.  However on this damp day there were lots of slick areas.
Heres Mark on a very slippery surface.

This was a slippery place, crossing Stony Brook

The real story of the day was the weather.  Across the notch Mt Washington had 93mph winds, and the winds on certain parts of the ridge that we were on gusted strong enough to push you over.  My thermometer read 38 degrees at the summit.  The summit was in and out of the Clouds constantly, and rapidly.  It was kind of neat one second you couldnt see your hand in front of your face and the next you had a brathtaking panoramic view of Northern NH.

It was really cool, you can kind of see it in this picture,but you the effect isnt there sorry.  But at one point we were standing right below the obvious delineation between the clear lower elevation and the cloud ceiling.  The clouds were moving over us at prolly 80mph.  It was like, standing on a street corner and watching traffic wiz by 10 ft away, but instaed of cars it was big puffy clouds:

When hiking northbound you first come to a lesser summit my GPS was reading 4,015 at this point:

Mark at this point was learning the cotton lesson.  He started the hike in a cotton T-shirt which got damp when a rain shower past, and then threw a fleece on over it when he started to get chilled above tree line. I kept asking him how he was doing, and he kept saying I’m cold but I’m fine, but I could tell at this point he was starting to get too cold.  I explaind to him how the cotton was the weak link in the chain, and he would be better off just taking it off and only wearing the fleece.  He did, and within 5 minutes he was feeling alot better.  He doesn’t know this, but I actually had an extra set of wick layer and fleece that I brought along in anticipation of this happening.  But I wanted him to realize how important it is dressing right, and being prepared for bad weather(even in August).  I never appreciated this myself until I got hypothermia up on the Francoina Ridge when I was 23.

Anyways…Back to the hike.  The trail descends about 100 ft elevation from the lesser summit before climbing to the true summit.  Heres the Summit during a brief clear spell:

I was talking to a guy who was southbound on the trail near the lesser summit, and he was asking me if it was the summit, he had totaly missed the path to the real summit about 10 minutes back. The summit is not on the Carter Moriah Trail.  It is accesed by a 100 ft long spur path that ascends 50ft(its pretty steep)  near the Jct. of the Kenduskeag Trail.
Heres me descending on the summit spur trail:

We hiked down the same way we came and were back at the car by 3:30, we got kind of a late start because my bro drove up from CT. We stopped at Pinkham Notch VC where I randomly met up with an old buddy that I had climbed with when I lived in RI.  He had just come down off Washington down the TRT, and he said conditions were pretty gnarly up 2000′ ft higher than I was.  He said he was getting reading around 32 degrees and that the gusts were reported at 93 mph.  I could tell we were both thinking the same thing:  “I Love Being in the Mountains for what most people think is bad Weather”

Kinsman Ridge Trail 8/5/07

I hadn’t realized how much of a “peak bagger” “sport hiker” I had become, until this weekend.  Prior to this hike I had already done this trail twice in the summer and once in the winter.  This is one of my favorite paths in the whites, in fact in the past when I moved away from NH,  when I would get homesick this is the area I would think about.  Two of the people I was with were very fit, one was not.  Going at a pace that allowed him to enjoy the hike at first was annoying to me, but soon I realized “I hadn’t stopped to smell the roses” for a while.  It was time to put some soul back into the mountains, and enjoy the views.
We were staying at Lafayette Place, so we got a ride up to the bottom of the Tramway, where the Trail Starts.
Looking Up:

The trail assends steeply:

There is a side trail that brings you just above the cannon cliffs.  The view of the Notch is Awesome.

We summited Cannon, and then followed the Kinsman Ridge Trail over the Cannon Balls,  where I had Flashbacks from the Maniacal Monday mis-adventure.
I can’t wait to get back up there again next winter for mor mis-adventures.
The trail over the cannon balls in many places is completly covered in moss and almost looks like its carpeted on the side walls.  Its pretty.  We continued following this trail over North and south Kinsman, and then backtracked to the Jct. of the Fishing Jimmy trail.  We stopped at Lonesome lake and took a dip, got some soup, and read some of my rediculous log entries from years past.  Then I added an even more rediculous entry, Next time your at Lonesome Lake Hut look in the log book for 8/5/07 .

8 leisurely hours and 11.5 miles later we were back at Our camp site playing cribbage, and drinking Knob Creek. Cool

Afew more views

Looking Down at Lonesome Lake

Looking Back over the Cannon Balls to Cannon

N. Kinsman from S. Kinsman