Chat Noir 12/14/07

We got about 8 inches of fresh pow last night, soooo… I decided I didn’t feel like getting in my car and driving to work, after my 2 hour, top speed 12 mph on 93 north,  comute home last night.  The temp stayed below 20 degrees for the storm so the snow was nice and dry and fluffy.  My friend and his dog came with me and we ran the Chat Noir.  It is longer and steeper than Guidos, and  perfect on days like today.  After we were done, I ran into Stoneman, and Bucksaw from TFT they were staying for the whole day on the mountain. I wish I could have.  It was really fun.
Heres my youtube:

Guidos First Tracks 07-08

The pow was fluffy, and the base was non existing.  Evil rocks kept reaching up and pulling me down.  But in spite of the sitzmarks it was a lot of fun. The Beech glades were the best today with about 8″ in spots.  Anywhere there was hemlocks above (which is most of the steep sections) there was only about 4″.
I went with my brother in law(its pretty conveinent I married a girl with a Backcountry Skier for a brother and then just happened to buy a house 1 mile away from guidos ).  We hiked up the main hiking trail, with the original intention of sking Chat Noir, but after seeing the difference in depth we chose guido, because chat noir is almost all in the hemlocks.
We fueled up and dropped into Son of Guido.

Son of Guidos is a newer variation to the trail that joins guido about 1/2 way down.  Fromt he jct. we hiked back up the side of Guido to the Top of the 1st Beech glade and ran the trail from there to the bottom.

Some vid: