Sherbie Thanksgiving Day 08

Tucks is filling in nicely for this time of year.  Hiking up to the Bowl on thanksgiving day, is kind of becoming a tradition.   This year my brother in law and I hiked up and took our gear for the slide down.  We knew that it was going to be crust from the reports. But figured it would be more fun than hiking down.  It was fun, but very exhausting.  It took us so long that a couple we saw at hojos actually beat us down on foot.  The crust was unpredictable at best, and kicked our butts many times, The trail had really good coverage except many of the water bars were washed out from the rain. Many times the easiest thing to do was to just luge down the skin track that was already set.  towards the bottom I found a spot that the crust was soft enough to link a few good turns.

up top eek.



obligatory Wild Cat shot.