Cardigan 1/24/09

I’m scrambling to get packed and take care of some other stuff before I go so I’m just going to x post Drews TR from T4T and link my Flickr photos and vids.  Bottom Line: it was a great crew that came together up there today.  it was just going to be me and Jerm, but we randomly met Drewvw and his friend Taylor while touring.  Everybody was able to make quality turns and was great company.  If you ever get a chance to make a BC trip with these guys, they come highly recomended for fun, and ability.
Drews TR:

Quote from: drewvw;120401
Many Cardigan trip reports these days, but I’ll add one more since today was so fun.  My buddy Taylor and I rolled up to find nice weather, a bit of new snow and about 1,000 cars in the AMC parking lot.

Didn’t end up being a problem, as the only peeps we really saw were surf88 and his buddy Jeremy near the pajama ledge.  We joined forces for the rest of the day and went after it. 

To the windblown but still pretty skiable summit cone

Drew enjoying the ascent

Not much untracked but it didn’t matter, was soft and fun

surf88 emerging from the trees (where there were about 20 people on snowshoes), mid carve

Jeremy at the bottom of a steep and deep section that ended up being kinda short but still fun.

Taylor, at speed on the Kimball

The crew

Great day out there, the timing could not have been better.  Snow was much nicer than I expected. 

Thanks to Jan and Jeremy, they made the last half of the tour that much better.

Thanks for looking….

My Flickr: The photos stink but the vid clips are good.

Champney Falls Ice Climbing

Champney falls is a really cool place.  It is a box canyon that has a water fall that pours into it.  There is also a steep slope on the far end that is noted in Goodmans Backcountry Skiing Book.  In the past I have climbed the falls, and skiied the treed chute into the canyon on the same day, and I had hoped to snowboard it today.  But, when we got to the parking area we found the snow had crust on top of it, so we left our boards in the car.  Champney was pretty, and only had to be shared with a couple other people that were very nice.



In a cool little ice room

The temps stayed around 5 degree all day.  I kept finding that for one climb my hands would be painfully cold, and then for the next they would be fine and warm.  I’m not sure why, or if its related to the fact they are still recovering from the frost bite i got on new years.
One eventful thing that happened was: there was a guy and girl climbing near us, and on her last climb of the day he climbed up to the top and was going to belay her up from the top.   She was about half way up the pitch when a 6′ x 8′ slab of ice that she was on broke free pushing her off the face pretty hard, it then smashed to the ground right at the bottom where they had been belaying from all day.  She was fine from it, but pretty shaken up.  She didn’t want to climb any more today after that.
If you ever get a chance to hike into here when theres Ice its really pretty, and only about 1 1/2 miles in from the kanc on easy grades.

New Years Fun 09

This TR has in past years been titled New Years Fun in the Whites.  This year there was no ice climbing, no snowboarding, and not as much fun as usual.  But still an adventure I am glad I had.  Sorry I have no pics but the entire trip was under the cover of darkness.
Neither Matt nor I had the whole eve off from work, so we had a late start and started hiking in to the Cabot Cabin at 6:30, for what we have finally established as the 9th* New Year in a row.  Trail conditions were a lot more work than usual do to the fact that the rain last week under mined and washed out the snow in many places.  So snowshoes were not practicle to be stepping down 3 feet into every washout, and then up 3 feet back onto the snow pack at ever washout.  Most of the snow pack held our weight booting, with only random postholing.  When we started the hike it was already zero degrees at the trail head.  
As usual we followed the Closed Mt Cabot Trail to the Kilkenny ridge trail.  A trail that, as I’ve said before is a lot longer and strenuous of a hike than it looks on paper.  But one of my favorite trails in New Hampshire. Its wide enough that you could make turns on it for at least 70% of the drop.  We brought our skis with us this year but decided to leave them behind in the truck when we realized that managing the cold was going to become our focus of this trip.  
It took longer than normal for the ascent due to us trying to keep from sweating, and we got to the cabin in 2 hours.  At this point it was -10 inside the cabin and swaping from hike mode to sleep mode was torturous.  We fell asleep pretty quick after long days for both of us.  We both woke up around 3am and it was now -20 inside the cabin with what we estimated to be about 60 MPH winds whipping outside.  Unfortunately we both had to go out for a wee.  Angry  Angry
Up until this point we had been fine with -20 sleeping bags + chemical heat packs in our socks.  But after going out into the full force of the elements outside, we could not get warm enough to be comfortable, or fall asleep again.  At 4am we said; “lets get out of hear.” We packed up and hiked out.  This was the first time we ever hiked down in the dark. A few time we heard Moose not far off the trail crashing through the woods but never saw any. On the hike out I picked up  a little frost bite in places I had been bit before.  Finger Tips, and my left cheek, and what ever shows up tommorow. We made it back to my truck at about 5:15, headed over to the wagon wheel forwhat I think is the best breakfast in the whites, but I disclaim I’ve never ate there without being crazy hungry from a hike out after sleeping in the Backcountry.
In summary: Dang it was cold and windy up there!