Gulf of Slides 4/25/09

Saturday was one of those days that you don’t forget easily.  Bluebird Skies, Tshirt temps, and untracked corn and Mashed Potatoes.  Pretty much fool proof conditions.
We were staying up at the fams condo at attitash for the weekend so we were able to get an early start.  We were at the floor of main gully by 9:00am.  Ski trail conditions were not even worth skinning, so I brought my all mountain board on my back.  Its alot lighter, and it rides better than the split.
When we got to PNVC it started pouring rain for about 20mins, but then stopped and cleared out very nicely.
Me and Jerm hiking in

At 9am it was already warm at the bottom of main gully

We headed up the boot ladder immediately, as there were hardly any tracks yet on anything since the fresh had dropped on thursday.

Still T-shirt weather at the top of the gulf.

We made our first turns in the snow fields for two laps

vid clips:

We took two laps in the south snowfield before greedily heading over to main gully to mark up the still fresh canvas over there.  We headed down around noon, we were so warm it felt great to cool off in the brook a bit

Icouldnt believe how many cars were parked down in pinkham when we came down, the most I’ve ever seen. 

Prolly thousands in tuxs today, and there were less than a dozen of us over in GoS.
Alittle cheesy satire, of me mocking Tux skiers:

We made it back to the condo around 2, and hung out with the family, and did a little fishing in the Saco out back.  Pretty much the perfect day.

Heres a link to my flickr album for the day:
I’ll post some more vid when I edit it up.

GOS 4/18/09

I headed up to GoS saturday for a quick tour, because I had to be back for family business . I went with Jeremy my brother inlaw, and he had to be back for the same party, so at least we were on the same page as far as our schedule.  We left home around 4:30 am, and actually got to PNVC early enough to get some parking, which was amazing considering it was inferno day.  The GoS ski trail started out with desent snow cover so I decided to skin up.  The snow lasted to just above the river crossing, where it became spotty at best for about the next half mile. Where it was spotty. I tried to skin across the bare spots like I have before, and I immediately screwwed up my left tractor skin in some mud so that it would no longer stick to my board base for the rest of the day.   I ended up hiking the rest of the way in, and was able to do so with out post holing the ski surface at all where snow was available.
It started raining and spitting snow when we were about half way up the trail, and it was pretty foggy. When we got to the gullies there were about 10 tents pitched near the memorial cache, and about 25 people hanging out.  After changing over our gear we followed an established booter up the lookers left side of main gully.  It only went about 1/2 to the top, and after that I had to set it the rest of the way.  At times while booting, the fog got thick enough that the whole world was white.  It seemed to give everyone a little vertigo.  The people following expressed thanks for the new boot ladder I had established when they got to the top.
The top was still pretty hard, windy, cold, and visibility was less than 100 feet.   After the first few turns the top layer was alot softer, and good for turns.  We only had time for one run.  We came down the skiiers left side of the snow field down to the woods line and bush wacked until we came to the trail that goes to the sandbox.
When we got back to the memorial cache area, we were chating with some people when, suddenly the clouds parted, and it went nearly bluebird!  We were like “what the heck!!”  We contemplated the wrath of our fam if we said screw it and took another run, and decided it wasnt a good idea, especially considering we would be up here again next weekend.
The ride, and hike down the gos ski trail took about 3/4 hour.  And we made it back home in time to keep the family happy.


I grabbed this still from the vid at around 1:32 because it actually shows the slope pretty good.  Its so hard to pick up steepness on camera.

Hers a few photos:
Rainbow on the rt 16

Ski trail conditions:

Main Gully booter.  I passed all these guys

Clearing as we are leaving:

Post Season Pats 4/8/09

After work yesterday I skinned up Pats Peak.  Coverage was still great, and the corn was nice and soft.  It was totally worth the trip.
Theres alot of snow just going to waste up there.
The bottom of Tornado

Skinning up:

Looking back

I skinned up tornado for a better work out, and it was the steepest trail that was still in top to bottom.

I stood this marker back up. To remind my self I was entering expert terrain. Ha!

The summit

At the summit I enjoyed a shot of Anejo, and chilled out for a bit before having a great run down.  Then I met Emily at Strange Brew in Manch for $2 Pint night.  They have a huge selection on tap.  I’m sure I’ll be back before this all melts.