S. Mountain 6/17/09

I stumbled across this trail accidently a few years back while waundering around the woods on my bike.  Since, I have ascended it twice trying to figure out where it starts on the top of S. mountain.  The first time it got too dark, and I ended up bushwacking straight to the summit, and then the second time I made it all the way to the top of the hill and figured it out, but then took a fall that screwed me up good for a while last year.  This trail really wasnt built to be ascended, its more of down hill run, and it is murder to climb it on a bike.  So, this was the first time I had the pleasure of downhilling it.  And It was so much fun.
GPS Tracks:
S. Mtn

overall ride:

Eric (The guy I went to Utah with) Mntn Biking with Eric is fun because its the only thing I’m better than him at.  Hes super good at every sport, He kills me on the rode bike, but hes not good on single track

The trail dumps out at Tipping Rock.  I made a few TRs from skiing at Tipping Rock last winter, so I figured I would take a picture of its name sake:

The following links are little vid clips we shot on the hill.

These are the first non snow action vids I have tried to take with this digi camera.  I thought it was interesting how the resolution that my camera shoots when there is color present, is so much lower appearing than when I’m taking video on a pretty much monochromatic snowy mountain.     Next time I’ll bring the digivid handycam.
Stats: 3 1/2 miles and 700 vertical feet.

Biking and Bouldering

I went with Tim today to show him some of the bouldering and climbing over at Pawtuckaway State Park.   I did some ice climbing last winter with Tim, and included him in my Champney TR.  We both only had the afternoon free today. We only brought our bikes, shoes and chalk bags,  but ended up wishing that we had brought ropes, harnesses and racks, or at least a crash pad. I havent rock climbed much at all the past few years, and virtually have no finger strenghth left, but still had a bunch of fun doing some bouldering problems. 
Pawtuckaway is only about a 1/2 hour away from my house and has some of the best bouldering in the NE.  Besides the incredible quantity of glacial erratics, there are a few nice cliff areas as well.
I played around on this boulder for a bit:

and then watched this guy who was way more talented than either of us.

We went over to the cliff area and scrambled around over there as  much as we could with out a rope.  This is route called “obscene phone call”, lookers left, and just to the right is “no answer”.  These are some really fun routes I havnt done in a while

Looking Down:

It was cool in one of the bigger cracks that was a chimney about 2′ wide by 6′ deep.. Tim noticed a birds nest with an egg in it.

I also took this little clip of us biking, You cant see it in the shot. But as Tim crossed the pond, A huge black water snake swims right through the frame of his bike.  eeek!

(Sorry My poor little camera just could’nt focus fast enough to manage the bumpy downhill.  :'(
Today was fun.