2/16 Storm (Day 14 on Snow)

Winter has been on hold around here lately. On tuesday we got 6 inches of fresh too fall on top of our spotty and icy base.  I took my split board because I was really in the mood to skin and found some fun shots.  Unfortunately the thin cover did a number on the base of the splitter.  I guess the more scars on my base I get, the less I’ll worry about the next one, so maybe I should view new core shots as liberating.

Pemi Wilderness- B to Z and back

Friday morning Tim Picked me up around 9am and we drove up to Lincoln.  We stopped at the Lahouts North Face store on the way and picked up some gear.  I was stoked when we got back to the car and Tim handed me something he bought for me.  The last few trips weve gone on together I had been complaining about not having an insulated water bottle sleave, and had just been rapping my bottle in my puffy coat because I was to cheap to buy one.  Well now I had one, it was a great gift.  We got to the Lincoln Woods Visitor Center around noon, and packed up our gear on our ski pulks and started skinning in.  After crossing the river and entering the pemi wilderness pulling the sleds became alot more tricky because almost every water bar was melted out with running water.  unclipping and portaging our pulks over the little streams took way more time than we had hoped. 

Paul had gone ahead of us and told us he would find a camp near the jct. of the bondcliff trail.  5 milesdown the trail  we got to the area of old logging camp 16, which made for a very nice place for us to set up camp.
Paul waiting for us

our tent and fire

We sat around the fire waiting for Clifton and Ian to show up, around 7:30 they skiied into camp we hung out around the fire for a bit, ate,and yucked it up until bedtime.

We were planning on waking up around 5 to hit the trail for the long trip, but around 4:30 a coyote started barking just outside our camp which woke us all up, so we started getting ready.  We were on the trail before day light

When we hit Bondcliff it was blue bird.

As we ascended Bond it was still nice

When we got to West Bond a little weather started moving in on us

It was cool to watch this storm move in because it litterally looked like it was water breaching a dam as it poured over Guyot and down into Redrock Brook Ravine.

By the tim we got to the Twinway Trail jct. on Guyot we were in the storm.  It was immediately colder, windier, and Clouds on the ground.

It felt nice to get back into the trees and for the next 1.3 miles to the summit of Zealand. But the trail was untracked and snowshoes went on.  It was amazing how much more snow was on this side of the mountain, than the other side.

Zealand Summit:  It was cool to be with Paul for this summit because this was the last peak he needed to have a complete winter list.  Now it was time to turn around and do it all over again.

By the time we got back to Guyot the storm had passed  and views were awesome,

I snapped this nice shot of the presidentials on the way back over Bond

and this little clip on Bondcliff
We were all really feeling it on the last major ascent of the day and it was nice to get back over Bondcliff and start our final descent down the 4.4 mile bondcliff trail.  We got back to camp 16 just as the sun was setting. Ian who had turned back early had a fire waiting for us.
I shot this little clip right when we got back to camp.
The 17.4 miles out and back on snow was the most tiring day I’ve had in a long time, and after sucking down some Ramen, I was asleep before 7pm.
We amoke at 6am on sunday morning to much colder temps than saturday morning, and a fresh dusting of snow. We packed up and skiied out. 

I had brought my split board hoping to find some turns, but there was no good snow to be found in the Pemi wilderness,  the skin out on the splitter really was awful, cause everybody else was on waxless, and much lighter touring gear. By the time I got the 5 miles back to the bridge at lincoln woods the skinning hot spots on my feet were on fire. I couldnt wait to get my boots off.
In all the trip was 27.4 miles, and it was a great weekend.
Ooops I almost forgot  Cheesy. My Favorite Trick on Bondcliff: Front and Side view: