Osceola with Emily 9/25/10

This week was Emily’s and My Fifteenth Anniversary.  When I asked her where she wanted to go she said “For a hike on a 4000 footer.”  No Arguments from Me!  Emily hadn’t been up Osceola yet, and after recommending it to everybodyelse as a great place to take a chick, I figured I should go there with mine.  The foliage is starting to turn up there and it was really pretty. Emily and I hiked Osceola together, and then I ran over and grabbed the East Peak in record time, to not leave her waiting too long. Emily came as far over towards east peak as the Chimney (it’s such a cool feature) she waited there for me to return.

Summit Pano

Us at Summit

Me at East Peak

Coming up the Chimney

My Favorite Trick

RI Waves and Rocks 9/19/10

Headed down to RI for some early Hurricane Igor swell yesterday.  It was bigger than this pic makes it look because the waves break pretty far out on this point, the waves break about 200 yards from shore so its a pretty long paddle out to them. The waves were beautiful.  I surfed with Jarrod and Mike at The Landing till noon, and then left with Matt and Headed over to Lincoln Woods to do some climbing.  Lincoln Woods has some great bouldering and some nice small crags.  This is matt doing a v2 rated traverse on Dam Boulder.  Matts wife showed up later and got some more pics of both of us so hopefully I can share them later

Mt Tom, Field, Willey and Cannon Cliffs 9/6/2010

Had plans to do the prezi traverse today with Clif, but then Michael decided he wanted to go for a hike too, but probably not that big of one.  We instead went up and and did Mt Tom, Field and Willey.  It was perfect weather for hiking today.  I did this same hike last year in the rain on an unusually rainey summer.  To show the difference I’m going to post a comparison Pic
Kedron Flume last year:

This Year:

Mt Tom looked real nice from crawford notch

And at the summit

Next stop Mt Field:

View of Washington from Field. Notice the summit is in the clouds.

There were no Grey Jays on Mt Tom or Field this time, but when we got to Willey there were 4 of them fighting for our attention



I love the view of Webster Cliffs and Gullies from Willey

We finished the hike in around 4 hours and then headed over to Cannon Cliffs to check out some climbs.

Looking at where the old man profile used to be

This was a Super Fun Day!