My Black Friday Was White

I headed up north yesterday afternoon to meet Tim at Barnes Field, being a holiday the roads were pretty quiet unti I got to Pinkham Notch.  They had closed down Route 16 because of a pretty bad accident and I had to wait in my car near the visitor center for about an hour while a helicopter sat in the road.  It was neat to watch the helicopter fly in over the mountain and then  Take Off 
When I got to the campsite Tim had a pretty good fire going and his 4 season Tent was already set up.  It was a perfect night to camp, no wind, 24 degrees out and no snow on the ground…Yet.  The freezing rain started about midnight and rained for a few hours pretty hard before turning to snow.  When we woke up everything had a good layer of ice on it with about 2 inches of snow on top of that.  At 6:30am we headed over to PNVC to get breakfast from the AMC.  Our original plan was to hike up Glen Boulder and then head to Isolation  on the Davis Path.  But such a high mileage hike in such icy mixxed conditions was starting to seem unreasonable.  We met Clif and Ian as planned at 7 at the Trail head.

Assorted amongst us we had crampons, microspikes, and yak traks.  The microspikes seemed to work the best for these conditions but were not great even still.  Definitely not fast enough to get us where we wanted to go today on rocks coated with a half inch of freezing rain, and 2 inches of snow. the most notable feature on this trail today was a little scramble just above tree line that on a normal day would just be fun, but covered in ice was super tricky. both going up and coming down.
The Glen Boulder Trail

Leaving the Trees into the Alpine Zone

Above Treeline

The Boulder

We hung out under the Boulder for a bit, and talked ourselves into heading to The Moat for Beer and Burgers as winds picked up and conditions whited out up higher.  I predictably tried my hand at pushing the boulder off with no luck, and then we headed down.  I didnt mind being lazy today instead of hiking 12 more miles, but I do wish we had at least went up to the junction of the Davis path so that I could have crossed this whole trail off my map, because other than this trail I had already done the rest of the trails on this hike before.When we got to North Conway The sun was out and so were shoppers.  The town was a zoo,  We made the usual stops at  IME and the Moat and then I headed home to curl up on the floor next to my woodstove and take a nap.