Trip to Seattle Washington

I traveled to Washington this past weekend to visit my brother Mark and his wife.  I hadn’t seen them in a year and a half since they got married here, and immediately moved to Seattle.  I had never been to Washigton before and I was amazed how much I liked it in spite of the consistent rain while I was there.  I flew in late Thursday night and we woke up early Friday morning and headed up to Crystal Mountain to make some turns.
Things looked good from the Parking Lot

But up higher we were in the clouds, and the clouds got thicker as the day went on.  Also the snow that was powdery at the begining of the day became wet and heavy by the end of the day.


The Mountain

Early Day Vid Mark
Late Day Vid Me
Late Day Vid Mark
Being the first real day on snow this season for both of us we found ourselves tired alot in the heavy snow.

Columbia Gear Testing evaluation for this trip: Wearing my Omni-heat coat as a field test for the conditions, I found I kept getting too warm in temps that were floating around the freezing mark.  But I was pretty impressed with how well it dried after I soaked it with sweat hiking out of a bowl I got stuck in.

Saturday we went to Pike Place Market.  What a cool place.  We did some shopping, and wine tasting, and alot of sampling smoked salmon.  Besides having the first Starbucks Pike Place is probably most famous for the fish market that throws the fish

We went home and ate all our stuff we got at Pike Place and then ended up at A Terrible Beauty Irish Pub for the second night in a row.  I fell in love with this Pub and miss it already.
Sunday was pouring rain with major flooding in the area so we kind of just hung out most of the morning, and then later we took a tour of the underground tunnels that are the original street level of merchants square in Seattle.  I love history and thought it was pretty neat.
This was an old bank tellers window.

Sunday night it was back to the Beaut for the third night in a row.  Monday I woke up early and hopped on my plane home.  It had been too stormy to see Rainier my whole trip, but as the plane ascended I got some nice Shots out the window.

I’m already working on plans to go back this summer to climb Rainier.  I loved visiting this area cant wait to go back again.