Slack Fest 5/28/11

Most backcountry skiiers do not consider turns you havent earned under your own power  to be true backcountry.  Hence out of bounds stuff that is accesed by a ski lift has come to be known as “Slack Country”.  Access to some of the backcountry skiing on Mt Washington becomes a lot easier every spring when the Auto Road opens, hence the term “Auto Slacking” has come to be used.  A few regulars to the mountain have taken auto slacking to a whole new level by celebrating the end of ski season with an Annual “Slack Fest” which has been on Memorial Day weekend the past few years.  Slack Fest is celebrated on a snowfield on the east side of the mountain near the summit only about 100 vertical feet below the parking lot. The proximity  to the parking lot allows BBQ grills and plenty of beer to be on site, making for a great time.

Saturday Emily and I drove up the auto road into the clouids to play on the quickly fading snowfield.  There were a bunch of familiar faces and some new faces to me, but it was hard to see them with visibility so low.  The low visibility made for few  pictures. But we still had a great time


Pic of me dropping into the fog taken by Brenda:



I like how this one came out.


A little vid Emily shot of me when the weather cleared for a few minutes

PS On the way up north we saw a moose!

5/14/11 35 Mile Road Ride

 I was able to get out for a pretty good ride yesterday.  Trail Guru is doing a complete site makeover/update right now so none of my trail guru links work on any of my blog posts, neither can I upload my tracks from yesterdays ride.  The ride was 34.85 miles over 2hrs and 20 minutes.  I would really like to be able to upload this track soon so that I could see my actual total ascent because this ride had alot of big long hills.  For now I have just drawn my track on google earth. This is probably the hardest road ride I’ve done yet.

Concord Quarry on Bikes

I went for a ride with Jon yesterday evening.  We put down 7.76 miles on the trails near his house in Concord. We climbed a nice section of switchbacks that took us up to an old quarry site:


Some of it was narrow tracks through tick infested brush, like pictured above.  And some was a little more technical.  But in general most of the trails were rocky rooty single track.  There were a few features that it took us a few tries to ride cleanly. 


All I had for a camera was my phone, so my pics aren not very good Sorry.

Here is my track and stats:

Start: 08/05/2011 21:46

Finish: 08/05/2011 23:42

Duration: 01:55:34

Distance: 7.76 miles

Min Speed: 0.03 mph

Avg Speed: 4.03 mph

Max Speed: 29.07 mph

Avg Pace: 14:53 mins/mi.

Min Elevation: 246 ft

Max Elevation: 828 ft

Total Ascent: 2850 ft

Total Descent: 2827 ft