3 Nocks. Pack Monadnock, Grand Monadnock, North Pack Monadnock 8/26/11

I had the day off today to do some volunteer work, but at the last minute the job was canceled due to the approaching storm (Hurricane Irene).  I didn’t have quite enough time to go up north today  and hit something I wanted to do in The Whites because I needed to be back home at 3:30, but I did have enough time to give the 3 Monadnocks in a day a try.  It was a hot day for hiking with temps in the 80’s even on the peaks, but it was a beautiful day to be hiking with clear blue skys and little puffy clouds.
Nock 1
I left my house around 9am and headed to Pack Monadnock.  I planned to hit this one early because I wanted to run up and down the auto-road before cars started to get busy on it, using the road I was up and down in about 46 minutes.  I was happy about my time because when I used to live right near here the fastest I ever made it up was 20 minutes car to summit, so I wasn’t too much slower today
My Tracks and stats:

Me at the summit

Looking towards my next peak of the day Grand Monadnock

Looking at my 3rd peak of the day North Pack Monadnock

While running up, last nights rain was evaporating through the rays of sun and it looked really cool.  When I saw this I had to stop and try to get the shot.  I think it came out pretty good.

Nock 2
When I got back to my car I headed strait to Mt Monadnock State Park.  I took the White Dot up and down.  This is not my favorite way up this hill that I’ve spent so much time on, but it is the quickest way for me. I was up and down Grand Monadnock in 1 hr 50 mins
My tracks and stats:

Me at the summit(not sure what the guy behind me was doing ??? )

Looking back at Pack Monadnock (done)and North Pack Monadnock (my next stop)

I left Monadnock and headed to Peterborough and stopped at Roys Market to grab some quick food, I came out of the market to see an elderly person who clearly should no longer have his license making numerous attempts trying to turn into the spot next to my car, and the market clerk telling me that he actually had hit my car already.  When I went to look if there was any damage the elderly driver started yelling at me that he didn’t hit my car.  It was apparent that he had but there was no damage so I didn’t make an issue of it.  Besides I had priorities, I still needed to bag one more nock today.
Nock 3
I got to the parking area  for North Pack Monadnock at 1:30.  Breathed in some of my potato salad I got at Roys and took off up the trail.  I didn’t have much time to waist because I needed to be back home by 3:30.  I made it up and down North Pack Monadnock in 1hr and 9mins.  It would have been faster but I messed up and got a little off track on a bushwhack short cut that I used to use all the time, but am apparently not so familiar with anymore  :( , FYI bushwhacking in spruce scrub with shorts on is not very comfortable.
My Tracks and Stats: (you can see my meander on my tracks)

Me at the summit:

Looking back at where I just was on Monadnock

On my way down I hit a view that never gets old.  The view looking north from North Pack Monadnock is one of my favorites in NH .  I took a few shots to try to get the feel of the view from the trail, but even my best shot does not do the view justice.  Even still, I am happy with how this shot came out
Back down to my car I chugged water for about 5 minutes because I was so thirsty from hiking in the heat all day, and then took off to make it home and take a shower in time for my appointment.   All in all it wasn’t a whole lot of mileage of hiking today  (8.92), but the vertical gain/drop was substantial (3838ft) I’ve never done a hike like this before where I was car hopping between mountains, it was fun and best of all it was fairly close to home.
The rest of my photos from the day:

Cigna Elliot 5k

I ran the Cigna Elliot 5K for the 6th staight year yesterday at 6:20 PM.  I’m not very fast at these kind of road races but I was going to try something a little different this year.  I read about this in a few different publications:  Instead of pushing hard right from the get-go. I was going to pace it a little slow for the first mile and then start pushing harder.  My theory was  maybe I could keep more oxygen in my blood for longer and maybe be overall a little faster by being faster than normal for the final 2.12 miles.

Unfortunately I never really got to test my theory because my calf that I strained a month ago started tightening up pretty good after the 2nd mile.  You can tell how much it slowed me down if you look on my endomondo at my lap times for the last 1 and .12 miles.  The last .12 miles took me almost 3 minutes!  Ouch thats bad.

My official net time for the 3.12 miles was 30 mins 8secs.  But as far as my strategy went I think it worked.  I felt alot less anaerobic for the 2nd half of the race. And I wasnt really that winded at the end of the race.
The Course and my tracks

I had my cell phoe with me so I snapped a few shots.

Once again there was almost 6000 runners

For a litle bit at the beginning of the race I ran behind Miss NH with her Miss America Sash on.  I had to take a pic with my camera while running… Haha.

Also noteworthy I came across the finish line at the same time as New Hampshire’s US Senator Kelly Ayotte.  I was about 5 minutes slower this year than I usually am for this race,  I cant wait to try it again next year and hopefully be faster.

My First Hike Ever. – Mt Olga Wilmington VT 8/6/11

Emily and I went to Wilmington Vermont this weekend for a little car camping.  We stayed at Molly Stark State Park.  Molly Stark is the nicest campground I’ve ever stayed at. 

Mt Olga is part of the State Park. Mt Olga is the first mountain I ever hiked. I lived about a mile away from this mountain for most of my child hood. I would hike this mountain with my parents regularly, and it’s where I learned to love hiking.  From the top of the Mountain you can clearly see the property I grew up at.

This is not a very big hike a little under 2 miles round trip.  My Stats and Tracks:
Sport   Hiking
Start Time   Aug 6, 2011 11:13 AM
Distance   1.77 miles
Duration   44m:48s
Avg Speed   2.4 mph
Max Speed   6.5 mph
Calories   189 kcal
Altitude   1779 ft / 2336 ft
Elevation   538 ft ↑ / 616 ft ↓

The trails on Mt Olga are real pretty with gentle grades. Trail conditions were dry and it was obvious that a lot of recent trimming back of under growth had been done

The summit sign:

On top of Mt Olga there is an old fire tower:

I’ve slept in this tower once on a winter night when it used to have most of its windows.  Most of its windows are missing their glass now, so it probably gets too filled with snow to sleep in these days.

Where I slept

The view from the tower is beautiful.   It always impresses me when I visit how Vermont is so much greener than New Hampshire

I love coming back here to visit and hope to come and stay here again with Emily and some friends in a couple of weeks.