Cannon Mountain with Lee 2/20

I am surviving The Great Powder Famine of 2012.  My sister from utah came to visit and brought her board so we went up to Cannon Mountain today to ride the Loud Powder.  Freshly sharpened Magne Traction made all the ice edgable and we had fun. On the Tram
Love The Views at Cannon

Shot a little vid:

Cardigan / Firescrew Peak 2/11/12

We went up to check out the ski trails on cardigan today.  Goodnews: There is plenty of Base, Bad News: it is all boiler plate crusted.  Since skiing didnt look very fun we took our sleds with us and hiked the Manning Trail up to Firescrew, it was snowing on the way up, but it didnt amount to anything.  We had lunch in the snowfield above the ski trail  and then made our descent on our sleds.  We are normally Backcountry Skiers when we come to this  hill and we would not normally take sleds down a ski trail because we wouldnt want to posthole the ski surface, but today that was a non issue.  No postholes were made in the making of this film. The crust supported our weight just fine. I wanted to try out a new editing program I got that works with AVCHD video so I put this trip in to video format. Check it out in full screen, much better quality than my old vids!

THis pic of Jeremy crashing on his sled is my favorite pic I took today.  Ditching the sled was an attempt to slow down before flying off into the woods, and he did end up in the woods bouncing off trees.  Hence the look on his face.

Mt Washington Attempt 2/3/2012

Tim and I attempted to climb Mount Washington yesterday.  We knew it was going to be windy when the winds were already in the 20mph range at the parking lot. The hike up the Tuckerman ravine trail was nice now that it is mostly packed snow with few icy spots.  We took a little break at the bottom of the Lions head winter route threw on our crampons and traded are trekking poles for ice axes. We then made the climb up through the very steep winter route.  The winter route was still out of the wind and a nice place to be.  We stopped just below tree line to prepare for the wind, we started the ascent and the wind got more and more brutal the higher we got.  and I had to change back to my poles just to keep from being blown  over. Visibility was good and it was easy to follow the trail even though it was filled in immediately after you made a track by the snow being transported by the winds.  It had snowed a few inches the day before and it was really amazing to see how much snow was being transported by the 60MPH winds.  The wind and snow was like a sand blaster when you would have to hike directly into it,  My Balaclava wasn’t full face, it didn’t cover my nose.  And by the time we got to just below the lions head I was starting to realize that I wasn’t going to be able to go much further without getting bad frost bite on my nose. Tim and I found a big rock to duck behind and I told him my situation.  Tim decided to turn around too even though he did have a full face balaclava.  It was fun to be up in the weather but it was nice to get back below tree line again.  We descended the lions head trail  using a 100 ft static line that you could rappel down pretty quickly without need of harness or hardware using a technique Tim showed me.  It worked slick.  Once off the winter route we decided to take a walk over to check out the Harvard Cabin, Since we had plenty of time to kill now we walked up to Huntington Ravine too to see what conditions looked like.  After hiking out we went to Conway for Lunch and headed home.
The TRT Bottom of winter route Going up winter route Above tree line
You can kind of see all the debris in the air in this picture.  It was mostly snow but there were also a lot of larger chunks of rime ice that were blowing around, and they really stung when they hit bare skin
 In this pic you can see the wind and snow on the ridges
Huntington from below. You can see how much snow is being wind loaded into the ravine from above. Thats not a cloud its blowing snow.
On a related note yesterday the observatory time lapse filmed a Lenticular Cloud cloud that was forming, Lenticular Clouds form from waves in the atmosphere yesterday.  I remember seeing this unusual looking cloud while we were up there