North Carolina Mountain Biking 12/29/12

I just got home to see my first real snow in a long time.  We had been down visiting Jake and Jenny in North Carolina where there isnt any snow.  One of the highlights of the trip was on Saturday  when Jake and I got to go Mountain Biking.  We road the single track at Governors Creek and it was really nice.  The hard pan clay that prevails in this area made the trails so much smoother than anything we have here in the Northeast. Even the rocky-rooty sections were not that bad.  I borrowed a 29er (thanks to the 29erOnline Folks) that was set up with clipless pedals, but I didnt have any clipless shoes, so I just rode clipless pedals with my addidas trainers because they were the only sneakers I had.  I could have let it run a little faster on the down hills if I had better purchase, but for the most part I did ok regardless of the pedal situation. All my pics and vid were taken with my cell phone so the quality is not great but its all I had with me
Our Tracks:

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Back to the Cave

Jeremy and I hiked up Mt Mo. today but we didnt go to the summit, so I wasnt able to record #68.   We had another objective in mind.  It was snowing on the way up and all of the water-ice on the trail was hidden underneath the snow.   Making it pretty sketchy going up the steep Spellman sections.  We found the traverse with a little help from my tracks that were still on my GPS from last time and then we made it to our destination.
Going up:

At our destination we promptly lit a fire,  The fire place and chimney worked well:

After hanging out for a while and enjoying the shelter and fire we headed up the herd path to the ridge, not quite knowing what we were in for, I hadnt been this way last time I was there.  When we came out of the trees this is what we saw:

The climb up the cliff was pretty sporty in spots.  When we got to the top I celebrated with My Favorite Trick.

Once at the top we decided to go back down the Spellman cause it was the shortest way down.  I pulled my microspikes out of my pack for the descent. Jeremy didn’t bring any traction so we each used one on our Right Foot.  It took alot of focus but we both made it down with out incident.  The Ancient Chineese Proverb proved true: “One Microspike better than No Microspike.”
When we got back to where the Boy Scout spring is we celebrated with some Scotch.  It had been a fun adventure made more exciting by our minimal traction.

1st Turns 2012-13

I went over to Pats Peak today to get my 1st turns of the season.  I choose the skis today.  I have a pass so its nice to be able to squeeze in a couple hours of skiing here in there with out feeling like I have to invest the whole day.
Logged about 3600′ of vert.  I’m going to try to keep track this year of how many verticle feet I ski and snowboard.
My GPS Tracks and Stats
I took about 6 runs on the early season conditions:

#384 for me #1 for Kodie

The first time I took My new Patterdale Terrier puppy out last week it was more like a drag than a walk.  He was sketched out by everything and didnt want to go. I’ve been walking and running with Kodie every day this week, pushing it a little further each time.  Now he gets all excited when I pick up his harness because he knows we are going for a run.  Yesterday we did a 2 mile run and he was right by my side loving it the whole time.  I figured he was ready for Uncanoonuc today, and I was right he did great.  I had to keep him focused all the way up, but on the way down he led the way.  This is the first time I have actually tuckered him out, he fell asleep as soon as we got home.
Almost at the summit:

North Uncanoonuc Summit #1 for Kodie! #384 for me.(Haha not sure why I look like Im missing teeth in this pic?)

And we made pretty good time too!

Uncanoonuc Loop 12/15/12

Whenever I need to log some mileage and vert but can’t go far, this is my favorite local hike.  Its about 4 1/2 miles and has a total of 1400 feet of vertical gain and drop.  My Tracks:

I haven’t been able to get out much lately so it was nice to go for a hike. And with snow coming in tomorrow this maybe the last chance I get to hike in my trail runners until spring.  I normally do this hike in the opposite direction, but since I had a Hard Cider in my pack today, I figured a break on the prettier of the two mountains would be best saved for last.  I started up the trail to South Mountain after trying my best to stretch out my Achilles Tendon that has been such a stubborn pain this year. South Mountain has a nice trail but the summit is pretty ugly with all of the towers

The highlight of the summit is a cliff just below the towers that looks towards the south that has nice views

My version of this hike uses the snowmobile trail that drops down through the tree farm back to Mountain Road instead of the hiking trail. Last Year the snowmobile club added a new section of trail that links nicely to the class 6 road and the Red Dot Trail up to North Mountain.  I rarely go up the Red Dot Trail usually I come down this way. The trail was in nice shape.

The North Mountain Summit Looking towards South Mountain

A couple years ago I accessorized a tree near the summit, I used it to open my cider.

And it was served on ice

Hiking down the north side of the mountain was a little frosty.  Even though it was fairly warm today the sun angle this time of year doesn’t get over here to melt off the frost.

I hiked down the white dot trail.  Near the bottom of the White Dot Trail I took a right and followed the snowshoe trail that paralllels the road back to my car near the reservoir. The whole hike took me about 1 hour 45 minutes.  It was a nice little get away.


Introducing my newest piece of gear:  Kodie

I havent had a dog for about 15 years so its required some adjustments, but so far he has been super good.  He a 5 month old Patterdale Terrier. I’m not to keen on the idea of taking dogs on big hikes and overnighters, but I think it’ll be fun to have him come along with me on my local hikes and runs and to continue my quest to climb Uncanoonuc 1000 times.  I figured he would give me some more incentive to get out and exercise daily as well.

Its worked! Hes already added a 3am walk around my back yard to my regular exercise schedule.  Undecided