SoNH BC The best late March in years.

I skinned up the mountain with skis around 4:30 ,  I climbed the south side thinking the sun would have softened it up nicely, but I found most everything still had a crust on it in spite of it being sunny and 40 today.  Even though I knew it would mean a mile hike back to my car if I went off the north side I decided to try it out.  The north side was still dry snow!  It was a little dense, but it was by no means hard.  It skiied really well and it proved to be totally worth skinning back a mile on the side of the road to my car.
up top:

Sking down Chat Noir

Local Backcountry with my sister Lee

My sister Lee who lives in Utah came for a visit this weekend and she brought her snowboard.  With a fresh coating of snow on the local backcountry we hiked up to earn some turns.  At the summit we met some people that we asked to take our picture.  I noticed one of the ladies was packing heat, so I asked if we could use the gun in the picture because it would be funny? She unloaded it and handed to me.

Hiking up.

Lee and Me at the summit

and with a gun.  Hahaha!

We took 2 runs, one on each side.  The the south side actually had more fresh but the north side of the mountain rode better, because the fresh was a little too manky



Mad River Glen 3/1/13

Went up to Vermont today with Jeremy and Jewlz to ski it if we could.  The best part about the snow at Mad River is that it is all natural snow that fell from the sky and most of the terrain is ungroomed. Today conditions were good but not great.  The lower half of the mountain had received some rain recently so it was pretty hard snow, and where the snow was soft it had a breakable crust.  The upper half of the mountain was softer dryer snow with a little bit of freshies available here and there.

It was overcast all day with the upper mountain in the clouds but enough sunlight was able to get through to soften up the bottom half in the afternoon.  We had a ton of fun.
Me and Jeremy

Jeremy and Jewlz

Jeremy and Jewlz riding into the clouds

on the Single Chair (The coolest chairlift in the world)

This was the first chance Jewlz has had to ski this year, so she was pretty tired out by 2 o’clock.  After Jewlz quit Jeremy and I went up top to ski some of the steeper stuff thats in the trees.  It was pretty challenging for me to ride the steep bumps on the fat powder skis (Icelantic Nomads), but I enjoyed the challenge.Normally I have a hard time deciding if I should ski or ride but today my mind was made up for me