Gulf of Slides 4/27/13

I met up with Jeremy and Randy at Barnes Field on Dolly Copp Road Friday night afterwork.  We had a nice fire and some good whiskey to sip.  We woke up arond 6:30 Saturday morning got breakfast and headed up the Gulf of Slides ski trail.  We had to hike in about 1/3 of the way up before we were able to start skinning.

It was bluebird when we got to the gullys

The booter was in nice shape for the most part.


At the top we lounged around in the sun and ate lunch.  It was beautiful!

Then we dropped in:



The ski down the first 1/2 of the ski trail was really fun. With restricted options for where to make your turns.  We were only able to ski about half way down before switching over to hiking boots.

Descending the ski trail, too lazy to unclip over a 50 foot bare spot.

When we got back to the car the clouds had moved in and the skies were not so blue anymore. It was a beautiful day to visit my favorite backcountry skiing spot.

More Post Season Turns at Pats

Its that time of year when I start thinking about hopping on my bike when I have a couple hours of free time, but I just cant stand the thought of letting all that snow on the mountain go to waste.  So once again I reached for the skis instead of the bike.  Overnight friday into saturday about an inch of new manky snow fell.  There was fresh tracks to be had so I headed up to the hill.  Apparently I was not the only person with that idea, because there were several other people already on the mountain when I go there.  I skinned up Twister and then Dropped down the other side of the hill on Tornado. Tornado was fun because half of it was bumped up with moguls.  The soft snow made me look and feel like a pro on the moguls. Tornado has some nice steep sections on it
I skied down to the bottom of Tornado and then skinned up Duster to the top. The weather was partly cloudy, so it would be bright and sunny one minute and then grey and gloomy the next, but the views were nice.  I skied down Twister for my second and last run.

Pats Peak Post Season Poached Turns

Pats Peak always closes for the season on Easter.  Even when they are still 100%.  On one hand its disappointing as a seasons pass holder that loves spring skiing, but on the other hand it makes for some pretty sweet local earned turns.  Yesterday after work I skinned up on Alpine Touring gear.  The snow was perfect peel-away corn.  Peel-away is firm packed corn that is soft for the top inch or so. The corn on top becomes discolored from melt water and dirt in the air, when you make your turns it peels away the top layer revealing the bright white snow underneath, short swing turns look pretty in peel-away.
Air temps were in the 60’s yesterday so I skinned up in shorts and t-shirt.

Crossing a crevasse

I had the summit all to myself

The ride down was plush. However I learned that twin tip skis and shorts do not mix well, because the rear tip is constantly throwing snow up on your legs when you swing your turns.


I was able to ski top to bottom with full coverage down Twister, and Turbulence Park.  I was even able to get a little air off one of the kickers in the park, but I was pretty conservative since I didn’t have my helmet, and I had a lot of bare skin showing.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get back up here again before it all melts.