2 Nocks

North Pack Monadnock and South Pack Monadnock
Cranberry Meadow Pond Trail
Raymond Trail
Wapack Trail
Total= 6.39 miles
My inlaws are building a new home near the northern terminus of the Wapack Trail.  So while we were visiting yesterday I took off for a couple of hours to do a little hike.  Emily gave me a ride over to East Mountain Road.  I was just going to go up the Raymond Trail but then I saw a parking area for the CMPT.  This trail goes all the way to town and is fairly new, so I tried out this section for the first time.  It was well blazed but a little grown in.  The recent rain seemed to like staying in the treadway as well, so it was a wet and muddy trail.

Its cool that the Wapack is now connected to Peterborough, now they just need to connect from Peterborough to Monadnock and The Greenway.

The Raymond Trail is a great way to go up South Pack.  It gets less traffic and you dont need to pay to park.  There is a nice cascade on the side of the trail that was flowing nicely yesterday.

At the top of South Pack there were the usual undesirable people who would rather drive up mountains than hike them. I climbed the Fire Tower and took a pic of my next destination.

Than I hiked down the Wapack trail toward North Pack.  Last time I hiked this trail I was doing a Wapack Traverse and had huge blisters on my heels, so I didnt get a chance to enjoy it.  But this time I enjoyed this beautiful section of wilderness

There was nobody else at the summit of North Pack when I got there.  Its funny to me how dramatically different the Summit Cairn looks everytime I come up here.  Its almost like its somebodies full time job to constantly rebuild it into different shapes.  It was square this time.

I saw lots of people on the hike down from North Pack, and when I got to the bottom the lot was full.  The 6.39 mile hike took me 2 hours and 20 minutes.

The Beehive – Acadia National Park

The guide books make this trail sound super sketchy but it really isnt nearly as bad as they make it sound.  It is a very steep climb with scrambles across narrow ledges but it is made safe by iron rungs that have been attached to rocks.  After reading the guide books I thought twice about climbing it alone but after doing it I would not hesitate to recomend going it alone to an experienced hiker.  I hiked up the Beehive starting at 8 in the morning and I didnt see one other person on the hike.
Right now the Park Loop Rd is mostly closed off by gates due to funding cuts imposed by “The Sequester”  This has actually made the park a better place to be because there are few visitors and fewwer visitors that are willing to walk on the roads to access parts of the park like cadillac mountain.  In fact right now is probably the best time ever to bring a road bike to the park and cycle the park loop road or bike up Cadillac mountain with no cars to deal with.
The Beehive isnt very big but it is very steep

Looking up:

Looking Down:

There are some traverses over narrow ledges:

I tried to take a self shot on this ledge but I couldnt get the ledge in the shot very good:

The view from the top was pretty amazing: (The closest car in the lot is mine)

I even found a good place to do my favorite trick, it was hard to find a flat rock that I could set my camera on though.

I hiked down the back side of the mountain and back around through an area called “the bowl”.  I spooked up a deer at one point that went crashing off through the woods. But besides that I didnt see anyone else until I got back to the road.