Starting Summer on Mt Washington 6/21/13

I’ve spent a lot of time hiking, climbing, and skiing on the east side of Mt Washington.  But there are still a few sections of trail that I needed to redline.  I needed to officially hike the Huntington  Ravine trail because I’ve only climbed Huntington before on ice and snow.  Also, I never have hiked Boot Spur link before, Hillman’s Highway has always been my route of choice in that area.  Both trails ended up being my favorite part of the day.  I didn’t see any one else between Pinkham and My first view of the auto road.  The lower section of the Huntington Ravine Trail follows and crosses the river.

I left Pinkham Notch at about 6:15 am Friday morning and was standing at the bottom of the ravine at 7:45 AM. There’s a bunch of boulders just above the Cat Track I’ve never seen before because they have always been buried with snow when I’ve been here.  There was a little snow still down between the rocks and when the wind blew the air up through the rocks the air that came out was frigid..
Snow under Rocks:

Huntington Ravine :

The hiking trail follows the lookers right side of The Fan up to where the crags begin.  There was lots of places I needed to use both my hands and feet to scramble up the trail.  This trail is steep, and blazes were tricky to see sometimes.  There were a few spots that I made climbing moves that were probably more technical and exciting than was needed because I missed a blaze.
Climbing up the Ravine:

Huntington Ravine tops out at the junction of the Alpine Garden Trail and The Auto Road becomes visible shortly after.  Its kind of a weird transition going from a lonely ravine to seeing cars within a couple of minutes.

I followed the Nelson Crag Trail to the summit and arrived at 9:30AM.  It was pretty chilly and windy above the ravine and I needed to put my softshell on.  Haha the wind made my pants puffy for my summit shot.

I then descended to Boot Spur on the Davis Path.  I love this section of the mountain so I took a bunch of pics.  The line of cairns  on the flat always reminds me of Daleks from Dr Who.

From Boot Spur you could see there was still some snow left in Tuckerman Ravine

The descent down Boot Spur Link was steep through rocks and woods. Boot Spur Link drops about 850 feet in .6 miles.  I was focusing pretty hard on careful foot placements on the way down so I didn’t get any pictures, but once at the bottom I took a shot looking uphill.

I didn’t see anyone else on the Boot Spur Link, but after crossing the ski trail there were lots of people for the rest of my hike down the Tuckerman Ravine Trail.  My whole hike ended up being almost exactly 10 ½ miles on my GPS and I did it in 6 hours and 10 minutes.