Marjory Swope Park Concord NH

Jeremy and Judson and Me and Kodie went for a hike today in Marjory Swope Park in Concord NH
Our 2 miles of GPS Tracks:

Judson was tired out at first.

But Kodie had plenty of energy.

Some of Kodies energy must have worn off on Judson, cause Judson caught a second wind and we made it up to the top of the hill pretty quick.  There was a nice view of Penacook Lake and a nice Bench.  We found a bunch of wintergreen and Tea Berry near the lookout.  The berries were delicious.

We then followed the trail to the summit.

On the summit there was an old foundation for a fire tower

We then followed the trail back to the car.  It was a 2 mile hike on a chilly 30 degree fall day and we all had fun.

Round Pond Area Pawtuckaway


It was really nice outside yesterday so I left work early and went for a little walk around the Round Pond area of Pawtuckaway.  I didn’t have any climbing gear with me so I just bouldered around a little bit in my approach shoes.  There was a class going on down on the lower slab so I mainly played around up on the upper cliff in the area of obscene phone call.  Despite being perfect climbing weather there was nobody in the bouldering area or on the upper cliffs, I wished I had scheduled this a little better and had a climbing partner with me. I ran my gps app for my walk and logged 3 miles.  It was nice to get outside for a bit. The walk: The Crags: The Roof Obscene Phone Call