2/28/15 We’re not Worthley of all this snow.

From across the valley you can see some little snow bowls on the steep side of a large nearby Hill.  I’ve wanted to tour for some turns up there for a while but usually opt for something bigger when I have the time.  Last fall I hunted up in this area and saw the definite potential for turns, so with many other spots tracked out by now I skinned out to the semi remote hill.  There was one very large Buck I had seen out here a couple time last fall, but could never get an open shot to take,  so I decided to head up the side of the hill I saw him at last hoping I might see him again.  I found his tracks and followed them uphill

The terrain on the way up looked promising.  A little bird watching might happen up here next summer

The summit area almost had a view of another great spot.

I converted to skiing mode and dropped in to the area I had spotted from across the valley.
It was apparent that the snow fields that were visible were actually the work of Mountain Bikers.  There were several drops and there was even a manmade berm feature about halfway down the hill

I made some really high quality turns on snow that was still fluffy.  However being alone in a spot that will probably not see any human activity until snow melts made me a little conservative.

I was able to ski out all the way to a nicely groomed snowmobile trail that wraps around the base of the hill.
That snowmobile trail happened to go towards another bigger favorite spot.  I wasn’t planning on it but the bluebirdies were singing and I wanted to tour some more.  So I threw my skins back on and started toward the bigger hill.  I took a few shortcuts through ungroomed areas but mostly I was able to make quick time on snowmobile trails to the bigger hill.  The west side of the bigger hill did not disappoint.   At one point near Moose Scat Rock I augered a tip into the snow as I skied over a downed tree, my binding released and I went face first into the snow.  Since I had all my vents open on my pants and coat the fluffy snow went everywhere.  It took a bit to for the snow in my pants to melt away.
When I skied out to the road I was about 2 miles away from my car and I had a pretty good blister forming.  I knew that Emily was on her way home from the store and picking me up would only put her mile out of her way so I made the call and got a ride back to my car.