Fenway Spartan Sprint 2017 11/4/17

Its been a while since I did an OCR race so I signed up for the Spartan Sprint at Fenway last July.  I thought it would be good to have something to train for as a goal over the summer.  this race includes a lot of grip and hang obstacles which I needed to get back on track with since I haven’t been out climbing rock and ice  much over the past few years.  I trained pretty hard all summer mostly at a playground that nobody besides my son and me seems to go to and the training paid off.  I did the 4 mile course around and around and up and down the stairs and obstacles in 51:35  I only failed one of the obstacles and had to serve a 30 Burpee Penalty.  It was on the multi rig rings , I just couldn’t get into a rhythm and fell off on the second to last ring. I was most stoked when I successfully climbed the rope and rang the bell because I though that was going to be the obstacle I failed on.

And of course I had to stop on course a few times to take a selfy with some of my favorite features of Fenway.


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